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Strict Leather Sensory Deprivation Hood


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To ensure your slave is totally compliant to your desires and obedient to your pleasures we have this stunning Strict Leather Sensory Deprivation Hood, and the best way to get them to obey is to deprive them of all senses. 

The fabulous Strict Leather Sensory Deprivation Hood is a complete black leather head hood that fits completely over the head and fixes into place via traps and buckles with padlocks and D-rings to the collar. 

Once the three straps are pulled across the mouth, eyes and ears your slave will be deprived of sight, voice and sound leaving them under your complete control. 

This hood has, padded leather ear pockets, padded leather reinforcement for eyes and mouth and 3/4 inch mouth hole. Leather laced rear back for snug fit and 3 extra leather locking straps. The straps can be used with or without padlocks.


Medium/Large: 22-28 inches in circumference and necks between 18-23 inches.

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